A-Z tips on being positive

hey again everybody i am currently putting together a competition for my blog readers to participate in so i hope this will be ready soon but for now here is an a-z top tips to try and stay positive through out life 😀

A– always try your very best

B– believe in yourself

C– calm and colectivness is key

D– decide what to do through out the day that you enjoy

E– even when you feel like it is the end there is always something to smile about

F– family and friends are always there for you

G– giving yourself time to think good things will help

H– happiness is always good in life

I– i and many others care so keep smiling

J–  just being yourself is the best thing ever

K– kindness is always great

L– life is always worth living

M– memories of happy times should always be in your thoughts

N– never feel like anything is your fault

O– opinions will be made but rty and not focus on the bad

P– positivity is always possible even if you feel it isn’t think of 5 good thigs each day

Q– question what makes you happy and try and implement them into your life

R– remember that your not alone many people love and care

S– start writing a daily diary and onlywrite 5 good things in morning and night to read when down

T– try and do more of the things that you love

U– understanding the fine line between positivity and negativity can be hard i know

V– very sportive to believe in yourself

W– when down listen to your favourite most up beat music

X– eXamine your good days and see what the best part was to remember the best bits

Y– you are an amazing wonderful person so just remember that

Z– zigzaggs are a part of everyone’s life everyone has ups and downs just try and stay as positive as possible with it

i just want to add i understand some of these are repeated but i hope this helps people build up on positivity i use this myself as i am always needed to improve my positivity and i hope what helps me helps many others out there 😀


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